Posted by: Phil | September 22, 2009

Obligatory First Post

The more I look at “The Broken G-String”, the more I hate the double meaning.

My name is Phillip Davis. This blog is going to be dedicated to concerts around the Tri-State Area. It will cover events at local venues and hopefully open up people’s eyes to new bands and live performances they would have not paid attention to otherwise. I’ll be going to as many concerts as a poor college student in South Jersey (Rowan University) can. There shall be pictures, reviews and music samples of bands and their live performances.

The blog will mostly cover rock music, however, if the opportunity arises to go to a rap concert or something else (For relatively little to no money), then I shall try and cover it to the best of my ability. Also, while it isn’t the main focus of the blog, if I find any music news worthy of being talked about, I’ll do a short post about it.

Welcome to The Broken G-String. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the clever and insightful writing that brought you this webpage’s title. Because raunchy double meanings are oh so much fun.



  1. Would you be like aggregating news and shows in the area about only one genre? Or will it be all just one style of music that you’ll be covering??

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