Posted by: Phil | October 20, 2009

Blood Brothers Albums to See Re-Issue

Jordan Billie and Mark Gajadhar of the Blood Brothers. Photo taken by Pedro Roque.

Jordan Billie and Mark Gajadhar of the Blood Brothers. Photo taken by Pedro Roque.

In a deal with Epitaph Records, the now defunct Blood Brothers will be re-releasing four of their albums, March on Electric Children (2002), Burn, Piano Island, Burn (2003), Crimes (2004), and Young Machetes (2006), on November 17th.

Out of the Seattle hardcore-punk scene, the Blood Brothers crafted album after album of critically acclaimed and highly influential music. While they remained relatively underground during their ten year existence from 1997 to 2007, their catalog has left an impact on both the punk and hardcore genres. They’ve influenced bands like The Fall of Troy and Foxy Shazam (Anything off The Flamingo Trigger) with their angst soaked punk and pop sensibility, while their duel singing style with Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney still remains one of the most potent and original approaches to hardcore-punk music today. Check out one of their singles off of Young Machetes, “Laser Life,” below.

This announcement comes as a real treat for Blood Brother fans. According to Epitaph’s press release, the new releases will come with previously unreleased tracks, remixes, live tracks, music videos and even a live DVD (The out-of-print Jungle Rules DVD from 2003 will come with the reissue of Burn, Piano Island, Burn).

As kind of a personal aside, the Blood Brothers is one of my favorite bands and I’m truly excited to see some of the announced live footage and tracks see the light of day. They were a nasty, unforgiving band who broke the boundaries of many genres to come up with their sound. Their brand of hardcore punk was far beyond anything else coming out of the hardcore scene during the early 2000s and I still hear bands using elements of punk that the Brothers helped to create. Everything from acid-fueled guitar to spastic, cat-like shrieking, breakdowns to keyboard driven punk songs, the Blood Brothers either did it first or better. I’m personally excited to see the Jungle Rules live DVD as I never had the opportunity to see them live before they broke up. Now, the band exists as two separate entities with co-vocalist Johnny Whitney and guitarist Cody Votolato creating the band Jaguar Love, while co-vocalist Jordan Blilie, drummer Mark Gajadhar, bassist Morgan Henderson and the band’s first guitarist Devin Welch creating Past Lives.

Jordan Blilie sat down with Alternative Press to talk about the reissues in a truly band nerd-tastic interview with Jason Pettigrew. It’s definitely worth a read just to hear about the new material that’s going to be released.


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