Posted by: Phil | October 24, 2009

Musical Evidence

Music is one of those fundamental parts of life that you can’t escape. It’s a language that everyone eventually has to learn at some part of their life. Which dialect you choose, whether it be rock, rap, country, salsa, or skiffle-beat, you develop your own voice behind what you choose to listen to and what your culture exposes you to. However, music is present in more aspects of our life than simply waking up to your alarm clock set on 106.5 FM, “Playing all your favorite classic rock hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.” The culture of music is something that has a physical presence and leaves evidence behind in your daily travels. It could be something as simple as leaving your CDs strewn out by your living room stereo or something as deeply engraved as the amplifier wire you trip over every time you try and get out of bed in the morning.

In the age where you can carry around an entire library of music in your front pocket, it’s easy to forget how much music influences the decisions you make just on a daily basis. Everything from the clothes you wear to the friends you associate yourself with can all be influenced by music and the imagery left behind by it. This photo journal is an exploration of trying to understand exactly how music and its influences on my culture has become almost a given in my life. This journal is a collection of photos of things that are a part of my life, whether I passively or actively interact with them, that have to do with music. Hopefully, the idea will give some better introspection as to why I do care about music so much.


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