Posted by: Phil | November 4, 2009

EMI to offer new live Recording Service

EMI announced earlier today that they would be releasing “Abbey Road Live,” a live music recording and production service. In a press release, EMI stated that the service will provide fans with high quality video and audio recordings of live shows mere minutes after the show ends. The productions will be provided in a number of formats, including CD, DVD, artist-branded USB drives and even secure digital downloads or streams to your computer or cell phone. EMI also announced that high definition streaming videos will be made available to fans online in real time, giving fans without the funds or means to get to the concert another avenue to see their favorite bands live. There’s no word as to when the service will take full affect, but it has already been implemented at some Blur concerts with ten percent of fans visiting Blur’s website after a concert to download the live recording.


The Decemberists, an EMI signed artist. Picture taken by starbright31.

I’m personally looking forward to watching a Decemberists concert in high definition as their shows have been known to be fantastically epic.


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