Posted by: Phil | November 4, 2009

New At the Drive-in live Performances Compiled


At the Drive-In live. Copyright Fearless Records.

Shaky cam footage, non-soundboard quality audio with levels to make your ears bleed and late 90s level VHS video quality. But, thanks to the filmmakers at unartig, we have yet another six views into the world of the last 3 years of At the Drive-In, including their second to last performance in February 2001.

Everything from Omar’s opiate induced sporadic guitar solos to Cedric’s berating of slam dancers; it’s all on display in this series of compiled videos. These videos give a new perspective for those who, like myself, were never able to see At the Drive-In live before their infamous breakup. They span from 1999-2001 and serve as almost a visual and aural timeline showcasing the band’s energetic and often uniquely flawed live shows from the In/Casino/Out tour to the Relationship of Command tour. They were never the tight pop rock shows that larger, more commercial bands would put on. However, their shows were renowned for the band’s on-stage presence and improvisation within songs. These videos simply further the legacy of the punk band that helped to create post-hardcore as we know it today. The band’s second to last performance in Bremen, Germany is below. Be sure to check out the article at unartig for all the videos and unartig’s profile for individual videos and larger size.

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  1. The day At The Drive-In broke up was such a drag, I remember covering Invalid Letter Department with my band that weekend. Awesome band with easily the wildest live show anyone has seen in the past 20 years. I didn’t hear about this at all but it’s on my radar for sure now thanks!

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